Pledge to Support Union Kitchen Workers

We put the “union” in Union Kitchen.

We are the staff of Union Kitchen. Since we first went public with our unionization effort, we’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our customers and community members. Thanks to your support, we won our union!

Unfortunately, we have been disappointed in management’s response to our efforts. Cullen Gilchrist, owner of Union Kitchen, is not taking us seriously. He doesn’t respond to emails, he’s delayed bargaining sessions, and worst of all, he has illegally fired workers for supporting the union.

It took a fight for us to win our union, and now it will take a fight for us to win our first union contract. We know we can continue to count on your support.

Sign our pledge to show you support our union at Union Kitchen. We need your help to show Cullen our customers are in our corner, and it’s time to take us seriously!

Pledge: I support Union Kitchen staff fighting for their right to a voice on the job. I believe Union Kitchen staff should get the hours they’re promised, the pay they deserve, and the staffing they need. I pledge not to shop at Union Kitchen in the event that workers call for a boycott.