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Don’t Go It Alone! Know Your Weingarten Rights

As a member of the UFCW, you have the peace of mind of knowing your manager cannot force you into a one-on-one disciplinary meeting with them.

These are known as “Weingarten rights.” In the Weingarten case, the Supreme Court ruled that union-represented workers have the right to union representation during all meetings or discussions with supervisors or managers that the member reasonably believes might lead to discipline.

All you have to do is request to your manager that your union representative or shop steward be present, and we can be there for you and make sure you aren’t bullied or treated unfairly.

If you are called into a meeting with management that could in any way lead to your being disciplined or terminated, or impact your personal working conditions, immediately and respectfully inform management that you request your shop steward or union representative to be present at the meeting. Until your shop steward or union representative arrives, state to management that you choose not to participate in the meeting until they are present.

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