We met with Kroger representatives this week to continue negotiations on our next contract. There has been little movement at the table so far and talks are ongoing as we near our expiration on February 24. We will meet with the company again next week and keep you updated every step of the way.

In the meantime, we have heard from many members that managers and vendors are consistently stealing our hours by doing union work. Under our contract, managers and vendors are not allowed to perform clerk duties, including:

  • stocking shelves
  • bagging groceries
  • pushing carts
  • running registers
  • setting up promotional displays

We are working to put a stop to this and we need your help. If you see managers or vendors doing work that should go to a union worker, please report it to us using our online form linked below and a union representative will follow up with you.

Don't Let Managers Steal Your Hours

When managers do the work of union members, it is a violation of our contract and you should be getting those hours. Report managers doing union work.