Enlighten Your Mind and Empower Bookstore Workers – Buy Books at Union Shops Politics & Prose and Solid State Books this Holiday Season

If you’re shopping for holiday gifts or just looking for some interesting reading for yourself, don’t give your hard-earned money to a union-busting behemoth like Amazon. Instead, support your union sisters and brothers by shopping at locally-owned, union bookstores Politics & Prose and Solid State Books!

Workers at Politics & Prose unionized with UFCW Local 400 on January 3, 2022. Nine months later, they signed a groundbreaking three-year contract that provides better pay with guaranteed annual increases, better scheduling, “just cause” protections from undue discipline or filing, a grievance procedure, stronger anti-discrimination protections, and a Labor-Management committee for workers to address ongoing concerns with management.

Workers at Solid State Books unionized with UFCW Local 400 soon after on April 11, 2023. On July 26, they unanimously voted to ratify their first union contract, which was modeled after the Politics & Prose agreement. It includes robust cost-of-living increases, additional holiday and vacation time, better scheduling (including a ban on any employee having to close the store one night and then open it again the next morning), better staffing and bereavement leave.

Both contracts are among the strongest in the retail industry anywhere.

 “Our hardworking members at Politics & Prose and Solid State Books deserve every Local 400 member’s support,” said Local 400 President Mark P. Federici. “When you buy books from these stores, you’re getting expert, well-compensated and empowered sales staff who can answer your questions, make suggestions, and steer you in the right direction. Imagine getting that from Amazon!

“Plus, you’re supporting the efforts of bookstore employees across the country to organize, efforts that are transforming the industry for the better,” he added. “And you’re striking a blow against Amazon, which has driven thousands of locally-owned independent bookstores out of business over the last 20-plus years. It’s no coincidence that Amazon also continually violates the law to block its employees’ efforts to improve their horrific working conditions and gain a voice in the workplace through union representation. No one should send their hard-earned money to this law-breaking, union-busting monopolist.”

Politics and Prose stores are located at 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW, 1270 5th Street NE (Union Market), and 610 Water Street SW (The Wharf) in Washington, DC. Solid State Books stores are located at 600 H Street NE and 1809 14th Street NW, also in Washington DC.

Politics and Prose



Northwest DC
5015 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 364-1919

Union Market
1270 5th Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 544-4452

The Wharf
610 Water Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20024
(202) 488-3867

Solid State Books



H Street:
600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
(202) 897-4201

14th Street:
1809 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 221-4404

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