We have held several teleconference sessions over Zoom to negotiate our next contract at Kroger. These talks are facilitated by a federal mediator with training and experience in holding talks over Zoom. Talks have proceeded smoothly so far, but we are just getting started.

While negotiations continue, Kroger has agreed to extend the current contract until July 11. All of the protections and benefits of your current union contract remain in effect.

We are never happy with an extension, but as always, we are not going to be rushed into a bad deal. We would rather get this contract slowly right, than quickly wrong.

We will be back at the negotiating table next week and will continue to push for an agreement that gives us:

  • Wages we can live on
  • Schedules we can depend on
  • Healthcare we can afford
  • Retirement we can count on

Our other priority right now is extending “hero pay” indefinitely until this crisis is over. We delivered 12,601 signatures on a petition to CEO Rodney McMullen calling on Kroger to extend the program, but the company has not even responded. Now, it’s time to take it to the streets!

Join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 4:00 p.m. for a car caravan protest to extend “hero pay” at Kroger.

We will be holding multiple caravans throughout the region:

?  Charlottesville, VA
?  Blacksburg, VA
?  Virginia Beach, VA
?  Richmond, VA
?  Lynchburg, VA
?  Beaver, WV
?  Parkersburg, WV
?  Charleston, WV

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