After a long weekend of negotiations with Giant Food, we have made some progress. We still have more work to do to meet our goals of wages we can live on, schedules we can depend on, healthcare we can afford, and a retirement we can count on.

However, we are not scheduled to meet with Safeway again until February 24 and very little progress was made during our last meeting with them on February 13. We are still far apart from Safeway on all of our key issues. 

We need to keep the pressure on both companies until we get a fair deal. Join us on Wednesday, February 19 at 11am at Safeway #2892, 1100 4th St SW in Washington, DC for a press conference and rally to announce a date for a strike vote if we are unable to reach a fair contract.

The solidarity and strength we are showing in the stores will get us to a fair deal. We will continue to keep you updated as negotiations continue. Sign up for our text alerts and you’ll never miss an update!

How to Prepare for a Strike

If we have to go on strike, you need to be prepared. Read our guide to get your finances in order in case of a strike.