Kroger Settlement Notice

If your store is listed below and you do not see a notice similar to this one posted in a place where all employees have access, contact your representative at 1800-638-0800.

In May 2016, Kroger employees and Local 400 staff were at stores throughout the Roanoke region talking to customers about the company’s latest awful, insulting contract proposal. Customers were shocked to learn that even though Kroger made a record-breaking $2.4 billion in profits in 2015 alone, the company was still refusing to share the wealth with its employees, who were working hard every day to make the company a success. Shoppers signed cards of support and handed them to the store managers as an act of solidarity with Local 400 members.

Unfortunately, Kroger reacted by threatening workers for talking with customers and demanding that they leave. At some stores managers called the police, even though it was clear that no laws were being violated. Ironically, it was the actions of these Kroger store managers that were a clear violation of the law.

Kroger employees filed “unfair labor practice” charges against Kroger for violating federal labor law, which protects union workers’ ability to exercise their rights without retaliation by their employer.

Fast forward to today when the National Labor Relations Board, which prosecutes companies who violate labor law, and Kroger, have reached a settlement and have issued a notice that should be printed and posted on an official National Labor Relations Board notice form in the stores listed below. If you are in one of these stores and do not see this notice displayed where all employees have access to read it, please contact your representative toll free at 1-800-638-0800.

Store 367
1805 W. State of Franklin Rd.
Johnson City, TN

Store 328
1664 E. Stone Dr.
Kingsport, TN

Store 402
1322 South Main St.
Blacksburg, VA

Store 345
555 N. Franklin St.
Christiansburg, VA

Store 239
1904 Emmet St.
Charlottesville, VA

Store 326
2012 Ward Rd
Lynchburg, VA

Store 327
7801 Timberlake Rd
Lynchburg, VA

Store 408
4119 Boonesboro Rd
Lynchburg, VA

Store 202
4488 Electric Rd
Roanoke, VA

Store 226
1477 W. Main St.
Salem, VA