20160511-ULP Charges Delivered to Kroger Managers - 3

Union members have filed “Unfair Labor Practice” charges against Kroger for violating federal labor law after several store managers threatened the workers earlier this week for talking to customers about the company’s awful collective bargaining proposal.

At a few stores, managers called the police, even though it was clear that no laws were being violated, and at one store, the manager parked his Jeep in front of the workers in an effort to obstruct them from view.

Federal labor law protects union workers to exercise their rights without retaliation by their employer and the actions of these Kroger managers were a clear violation of the law. Kroger apparently thought it could scare away its own employees and cover up the truth about the company’s latest contract proposal.

Yesterday, teams of Kroger union members delivered the charges to managers at several stores.

Kroger is the most successful traditional grocery chain in the country, with billions of dollars in profits, yet it believes it can intimidate and silence the very people who make that success possible – its own workers. Now, faced with charges of violating federal labor law, the company will have to think twice about violating workers’ rights.