Kroger Bargaining Update #6

Less than one hour before our contract extension expired at midnight on Saturday, May 7, Kroger attempted to force us to accept an awful agreement that would abandon retirees and provide only slight wage increases over the next four years. This was a slap in the face from a company that makes billions each year off of our hard work, so we voted unanimously to reject this insulting offer.

As your bargaining committee, we strongly recommend a NO VOTE on Kroger’s greedy proposal to cut off health insurance for retirees entirely by the end of the year.

In addition to abandoning retirees, Kroger offered only 25 cents a year in raises for full-time employees and 20 cents for part-timers. Our hard work has built this company into the largest traditional grocer in the United States. We deserve to share in the success we have built and we won’t accept paltry wage increases from a company that makes more than $2 billion a year in profits.

In the coming days, you may only hear from Kroger about the positive parts of their proposal. We fought hard to win higher pay for lead dairy clerks, a better wage scale for new employees, and only small cost increases in the health insurance plan. But these gains do not make up for the company’s unacceptable attempt to force us to accept a bad deal for retirees. All of us have contributed to Kroger’s success, and we all deserve to share in that success.

Our current contract is now expired, meaning we are working without a contract, but Kroger has committed to honoring the terms and conditions of our current collective bargaining agreement through June 1. That means nothing will change for now.

This company has been taking advantage of our hard work and dedication for too long. It is time for us to stand together and demand to share in the success we created.

We will announce a membership meeting as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will be visiting stores this week along with many additional union staff. We’ll be talking to customers, elected officials, community allies, and everyone who will support us in this fight.

We need you to stand strong with us and fully participate in all of our upcoming activities. Sticking together is the only way we can get a better deal.

Together, we will win a fair contract.

Kroger Bargaining Team

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