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Local 400 Stands in Solidarity with Striking Stop & Shop Workers

This afternoon, 31,000 UFCW members working at Stop & Shop stores in New England walked off the job. Stop & Shop—like Giant Food in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia—is a banner of the Dutch-Belgian conglomerate Ahold Delhaize.

Stop & Shop workers need your help to win a fair contract. Sign the petition to Stop & Shop management to let them know you stand with UFCW members as they fight for a fair contract.

The workers, represented by UFCW Locals 328, 371, 919, 1445 and 1459 in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, have been bargaining with the company since January and remain miles apart. Ahold Delhaize has refused to back down from demands for drastic cuts in employee health coverage and take-home pay.

“This company has shown us that they do not respect you,” said Local 1445 President Jeff Bollen in a message to members. “They do not respect the hard work that you do every day, and we’re done talking. Today, we’re going to take action.”

Local 400 stands in unbreakable solidarity with our sisters and brothers in New England.  We have got their backs and we stand ready to assist and support them in every way possible. An attack on one of us is an attack on all.

The outcome of this strike matters all the more because our own bargaining with Ahold Delhaize (and Safeway) starts this fall and we have every reason to believe the company will go after our pay and benefits, too, unless we help our fellow UFCW Locals win a decisive victory.

As Local 1445 noted, “Ahold Delhaize saw over $2 billion in profit last year and got a US tax cut of $225 million in 2017. The company is claiming the proposed cuts are necessary but is unlawfully refusing to provide financial information to verify that claim. While Stop & Shop continues to propose drastically cutting worker benefits, Ahold shareholders voted on April 10 to give themselves an 11.1 percent raise in dividends over last year. The expected payout will be on April 25 for around $880 million.”

We cannot and we will not let this immoral greed stand—not in New England and not in the DMV. Add your name to the petition to Stop & Shop management and let them know you stand with UFCW members fighting for a fair contract.

Local 400 members working at Giant should check back regularly for updates on the Stop & Shop strike, what we are doing to support it, and our own preparations for this Fall’s bargaining.

Media Attention Increasing Pressure on Kroger to Negotiate a Fair Deal

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The possibility of a strike authorization vote on Wednesday has drawn media attention and increased the pressure on Kroger to return to the bargaining table. Earlier this week, shortly after several TV stations aired interviews with members of the union bargaining team, the company agreed to extend the current contract through June 4.

Even as Kroger held a widely publicized job fair at stores throughout the country over the weekend, the possibility of a strike at 41 stores stretching from Kingsport, TN to Harrisonburg, VA has kept the local news spotlight on the company’s treatment of current employees.

Below is a selection of news coverage so far, including several interviews and quotes from members of Local 400’s bargaining team made up of 13 Kroger associates from throughout the region:

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Support Walmart Workers on Black Friday

Across the country, Walmart employs 1.4 million people.  That’s a million and a half moms and dads, sons and daughters, husbands and wives working hard to support their families with jobs at America’s largest private sector employer, standing together in the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OURWalmart).  For more than a year, they’ve been speaking out for good jobs with decent pay, regular hours, affordable health care and respect.  But instead of working with OUR Walmart to make changes, Walmart has attempted to silence and retaliate against its workers for speaking out.Click here to learn more about how you can join us in supporting Walmart workers in our area on Black Friday, November 23.

UFCW members have been standing up for our brothers and sisters at Walmart. We know better than anyone how hard a retail job can be. We all struggle with part-time work when we need full-time hours. We all have to fight against scheduling problems, wages that aren’t what we hope for, and benefits that aren’t adequate for our families.  We have a union so that we can stand together and achieve a better workplace. Walmart workers don’t, and on Black Friday, November 23, we’ll be there to show our support; click here to learn more.

Walmart workers have had their jobs threatened, hours cut and schedules changed.  Some have even been fired.   But they have not been silenced.  Throughout the holiday season, Walmart workers will be standing up for an end to the retaliation against workers who speak out for what’s right for our families, our communities and our country, and they’re counting on you to stand with them.

Join us in supporting area Walmart workers on November 23! As UFCW members, we know that retail jobs can and should be better; that’s why we’re working to change Walmart.  Commit to joining your co-workers and me on Black Friday by standing up for a real change at Walmart.