UFCW Local 400 Anthem Lyrics

Hook (X3)

This side say: UFCW!

That Side you say: 400!

Verse 1:

We all want The American Dream

An honest Day’s pay working on a Good Team

Respect for the Time that we give

Dignity and Pride in the Way that We Live

Whether You lace Boots up or Slip on Dress shoes

On the Clock, the Job shouldn’t Stress You

Remember who will come to the Rescue – LABOR!

This understanding is what we need to get to!

Back in the Day before Labor Laws

We used suffer at the Hands of the The Boss

They made the Rules, Used us like Mules

Tried to play us like Fools while they wore the Jewels

Until we Organized; Through the Struggle Realized

Together as ONE we all could Rise!

Many lost their Lives on the Picket Front Line

You overworked and Tired? Then maybe it’s time to Join!

Hook (X4):



Verse 2:

United Food and Commercial Workers

Arms locked on the job so the Boss can’t Hurt us

United we Stand; Divided we don’t stand a chance

Welcome aboard, we can help with your circumstance.

When Over worked under paid is the Norm

In every work place a Union should Form

We have the knowledge and are ready to assist you

To get the boss to the table on the Issues

Collective Bargaining: Power to the People

We want to Company to simply treat us all Equal

Fair Pay plus Health Benefits

The right to enjoy from our Labor’s Profits

Job Security in a safe workspace

The way it really should be in the First Place.

You on the Job and they trying do you Wrong?

Give us a Call! Get your game on.


Come on and Fight for the Side that Right

Workers Unite: JOIN US!

We’re in the Struggle Don’t take it Light

Workers Unite: JOIN US!

Fight for the Side that’s Right

Grocery Workers Unite: JOIN US!

Fight for the Side that’s Right

US Labor Unite: JOIN US!

Hook (X4):



Safety on Your Side: Film Wrapping Machine

After completing numerous spot safety checks in grocery stores located in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, one thing stands out more than the rest. The safety covers on the film wrapping machines that are used in several departments throughout the store are often cut, cracked or covered in residue. The safety cover is often mistaken to protect the user’s hands from the heat when the film is melted down, but in reality it is there to prevent the user when sealing a package from breathing in the fumes from the burning film. In a time weighted average prolonged exposure to these fumes could cause cancer. So be sure to protect yourself and your coworkers. When you notice a safety cover that is worn let your manager know so they can put in an order. Why take the chance? Click here to view what a film wrapping pad should NOT look like.

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