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Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

Make A Plan to Vote

Election day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023, but you do not have to wait until then to vote!

From Friday, September 22 through Saturday, November 4, you can vote early at your local registrar’s office to avoid the crowds and lines on election day. Alternatively, you can vote by mail or fill out a ballot at home and drop it off at your local registrar. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can register online until October 16, 2023. (Voters may register after this date, through Election Day, and vote using a provisional ballot).

Whether you vote early, vote by mail, or wait in line to vote on election day November 7th, the most important thing is that you vote. As part of our union family, your voice and your opinion matter.

Do not let this election pass you by without making your voice heard. Make a plan to vote today!

Register to Vote

Vote Early

Vote early in person at your local registrar’s office or a satellite location from Friday, September 22 through Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. You do not need to have a reason or fill out an application to vote early.

Vote By Mail

Request a mail ballot by Friday, October 27, 2023.

2023 Virginia Voter Guide

Listed below are the candidates UFCW Local 400 recommends you vote for this November.

They were recommended only after an exhaustive process of getting to know them, analyzing their records, reviewing their positions on issues impacting our members’ lives, and participating in state AFL-CIO meetings. Please note that for districts not listed, UFCW Local 400 has made no recommendation.

Virginia House of Delegates

District Candidate
1st Patrick Hope
2nd Adele McClure
3rd Alfonso Lopez
4th Charniele Herring
5th Elizabeth Bennett Parker
6th Rip Sullivan
7th Karen Keys-Gamarra
8th Irene Shin
9th Karrie Delaney
10th Dan Helmer
11th David Bulova
12th Holly Seibold
13th Marcus Simon
15th Laura Jane Cohen
16th Paul Krizek
17th Mark Sickles
18th Kathy Tran
19th Rozia Henson
20th Michelle Maldonado
21st Josh Thomas
22nd Travis Nembhard
23rd Candi King
25th Briana Sewell
26th Kannan Srinivasan
27th Atoosa Reaser
28th David Reid
29th Marty Martinez
30th Rob Banse
31st Steve Foreman
32nd Mady Rodriguez
33rd Bob Smith
34th Esther Nizer
36th Randall Wolf
38th Sam Rasoul
41st Lily Franklin
47th Patty Quesenberry
52nd Jennifer Woofter
55th Amy Laufer
57th Susanna Gibson
58th Rodney Willett
59th Rachel Levy
60th Keith Braxton
61st Larry Jackson
62nd Sara Ratcliffe
64th Leonard Lacey
65th Joshua Cole
66th Mark Lux
70th Shelly Simonds
71st Jessica Anderson
72nd Bilal Raychouni
76th Debra Gardner
77th Michael Jones
78th Betsy Carr
79th Rae Cousins
80th Destiny LeVere Bolling
81st Delores McQuinn
82nd Kimberly Pope Adams
84th Nadarius Clark
86th Jarris Taylor
87th Jeion Ward
88th Don Scott
89th Karen Jenkins
92nd Bonita Anthony
93rd Jackie Glass
94th Phil Hernandez
96th Kelly Convirs Fowler
97th Michael Feggans

Virginia Senate

District Candidate
1st Emily Scott
2nd Kathy Beery
3rd Jade Harris
4th Trish White-Boyd
7th Renie Gates
12th Natan McKenzie
13th Lashrecse Aird
14th Lamont Bagby
15th Ghazala Hashmi
16th Schuyler VanValkenburg
17th Clint Jenkins
18th Lousie Lucas
20th Victoria Luevanos
21st Angela Williams-Graves
22nd Aaron Rouse
23rd Mamie Locke
25th Jolicia Ward
26th Pam Garner
28th Jason Ford
29th Jeremy McPike
30th Danica Roem
31st Russet Perry
32nd Suhas Subramanyam
33rd Jennifer Carroll Foy
35th David Marsden
36th Stella Pekarsky
37th Saddam Salim
38th Jennifer Boysko
39th Adam Ebbin
40th Barbara Favola

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