Make Your Plant Better with America’s Poultry Union

Do you feel safe at work?

From company-provided safety equipment to respect at your plant to paid time-off, the Poultry Workers Union can make your workplace safer and better.

Questions about how a union could help you? Let’s talk!

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At America’s Poultry Union, we know you are essential, and you deserve respect.

A Union Can Make A Difference in Your Life

Respect in your workplace
A dispute procedure that legally protects you against unfair discipline or dismissal
Company-provided PPE and a say when it comes to your safety
More paid vacation, holidays, and sick days
Affordable healthcare with coverage for prescriptions, dental and vision
Protections against any harassment from management
Seniority rights when it comes to scheduling, vacation and job security
Secure retirement and pension benefits
Better wages and regular raises
The ability to come together with your coworkers to negotiate your pay and benefits
Stable schedules
Free college for you and your family
Discounts on home & life insurance, travel, car rental, legal services, cell phones, and more