Report MyTime Problems at Kroger

MyTime giving you a hard time? Let us know!

Since Kroger first launched MyTime, many associates have reported issues with the new system. While we’ve tried to work with the company to resolve these issues, a majority of the issues are still unresolved or keep occurring with other associates.

Currently known MyTime issues include:

  • Ongoing unpaid night premium for night crew
  • Backups not getting paid for relief
  • Holidays not being paid
  • Personal holidays and vacations not being paid
  • Unable to schedule personal holidays
  • Night premium not being paid for vacations of night crew
  • Docking for pay on break. Our CBA is quarter hour pay not 12th hour
  • Docking for 12th of hour for 1 minute late clocking in for shift

If you are experiencing any problems with MyTime, let us know by filling out the form below and a union representative will follow up with you.

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