Member Services

The Member Service Department provides day-to-day service by assisting the stewards and members in contract enforcement and benefit problem solving. The Union Staff Representatives work closely with stewards and are responsible for membership recruitment, grievance handling and education, steward training and continuing educations programs, as well as coordinating membership involvement in union activities.

Because of the large geographic area that Local 400 covers, the Representatives’ territories are such that they service workers in a specific geographic area regardless of the type of work performed. Representatives work with members employed at the nearly 500 supermarkets throughout the union’s jurisdiction, as well as many thousand of the members employed in other industries.

When leaving a message for your Representative please include:

  • your name
  • store number
  • phone number where you can be reached.

Since Union Representatives spend 90% of their time in their territory they do not have access to email. Please contact your Representative (or if necessary their immediate supervisor) at 301-459-3400.

Not sure who your Union Staff Representative is? Enter your work site # or address of work location into our NEW Find Your UFCW Representative Database!