Kaiser Permanente Rehab Therapists Union Updates

March 2024 Update

We are continuing to work to get your contract implemented and get everything about your union up and running! 

We know there continues to be issues with scheduling and the implementation of a new system for breaks and lunches in DCSM. We have filed for arbitration on behalf of everyone impacted by the break and lunch change and will keep you updated on the progress of that arbitration. You can see the grievance process in your contract highlight sheet here

Kaiser has also continued to move forward with other individual schedule changes in DCSM. Some of those we have been able to resolve, others are still in the grievance process. If you are having an issue with your schedule or are unsure where in the process your grievance is, please reach out to your Union representative, Mike Wilson, at 301-459-3400 x 283 or mwilson@local400.org.

We are also aware that there continue to be issues regarding the use of work time to complete KP Learns, getting less than four hours off without taking PTO, ASC scheduling, and the 5% pay increase that is to be retroactive to ratification. We are working to get all of these things resolved and are filing grievances for people who have left without getting the 5% increase and your R4R bonus being calculated without taking the 5% raise into account.

We are excited to announce that after receiving your nominations, your shop stewards will be Zuleima Chism and April Goldsborough in DCSM and Nicole Zazueta in NoVA. We have room for one more shop steward in NoVA, so if you have nominations (you can nominate yourself) please send them to your Union representative, Mike Wilson at mwilson@local400.org.

We have also received nominations for the Staffing/Workload Committee/Council and will be able to announce those members shortly. Unfortunately the problems caused by the schedule changes management has imposed has made it difficult to finalize this group, especially with so many Speech and Language Pathologists impacted.

There are additional people who work with your Union who you may encounter. The nurses have their own shop stewards. In addition, there are also contract liaisons, who are jointly funded by both your Union and Kaiser management. They work with the Alliance of Healthcare Unions, the national group of Kaiser unions that we are members of, as well as with the Labor Management Partnership, which is part of our agreement with Kaiser. They help make sure the contract is being enforced, especially the partnership pieces, such as Unit Based Teams and other committees where we work together with management. In DCSM, the contract liaison is Bernard Mungin and in NoVA it is Jennifer Brown. In addition, there is a jointly funded Workplace Safety liaison, Suzanne Comstock, a Unit Based Teams Liaison, Owen Gentry, and a Contract Specialist, Erica Jones. All of these liaison’s are union members and nurses who were selected for these roles and are paid through the Labor Management Partnership, a joint project of the Alliance of Healthcare Unions (including you!) and Kaiser management. 

Finally, all of you will be getting an email and/or text in the coming weeks with an application to make you an official member of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400. Up until now, the work being done by Union staff to support your organizing and contract negotiations was funded through the membership fees of other members of your Union. Now that your contract is being put in place, you will begin paying membership fees like other members. These deductions will begin in May. In order to begin the paycheck deductions and ensure we have your correct contact information, please fill out the form as soon as possible. As a reminder, membership fees are $45.67/month for full time and $35.67/month for part time (anything less than 40 hours or 1.0 FTE). If you do not receive an application, please reach out to your shop steward or your Union representative, Mike Wilson, at 301-459-3400 x 283 or mwilson@local400.org.

We will continue to keep you updated as your Union contract continues to be implemented and please reach out to your shop steward or Union representative with any questions or concerns.

January 2024 Update

Happy New Year! We are working hard to get your contract implemented, get you signed up so you can get all the benefits of membership, and start the process of shop steward selection and training. Full updates on these issues are below, if you have any questions, please reach out to Mike Wilson at 301-459-3400 x 283 or mwilson@local400.org.

Contract Implementation

We do not have a date yet from KP on when the 5% pay increase and premium pay will be on your paychecks. We can assure everyone that when that happens, it will be retroactive to the first pay period after the contract was ratified (the pay period that started on November 19, 2022). We will keep you updated as we learn more about the timeline.

If you have any issues or questions with other parts of the new contract that are not being followed, please contact Mike Wilson at 301-459-3400 x 283 or mwilson@local400.org.

Schedule Changes in DCSM

Kaiser Permanente management is attempting to make changes to many of your schedules impacting when you take your breaks, how long you are required to stay, and for many, your days and hours of work. While Kaiser has the right to make schedule changes, your collective bargaining agreement also gives you the right to flexible schedules.

We have been conducting initial meetings with KP management about these changes and their impact and have also filed both individual grievances for those impacted and class action grievances to make sure we cover everyone. With some of these changes already showing up on your schedule templates for the end of this month and into February and March, we are working as quickly as we can to come to a resolution on this and will keep you updated on our progress.

Shop Stewards

Our contract gives us two shop stewards per service area, so two for DCSM and two for NOVA. Please send your nominations for shop steward (you can nominate yourself) to mwilson@loca400.org so we can begin the process of selecting and appointing stewards.

Council/Staffing/Workload Committee

Our contract also provides for the establishment of a Council/Staffing/Workload Committee to meet with management to discuss a number of issues related to staffing, workload, and schedules. Up to eight members can be on this committee. Please send your nominations for this committee (you can nominate someone or yourself, for shop steward and/or the committee) to mwilson@local400.org so we can begin the process of selecting committee members. The goal is for the committee to have its first meeting in April.

Signing Up for the Union

It is important that everyone sign up for the Union. This will get you access to all membership benefits, make sure we have your correct contact information, and also start membership fee deductions. As has been shared, membership fees are $45.67/month for full time and $35.67/month for part time (anything less than 40 hours or 1.0 FTE). We are working on a way for everyone to sign up electronically, and you will get a text or email with a link to do so shortly. 

Again, if you have any other questions or concerns, reach out to your Union representative, Mike Wilson at 301-459-3400 or mwilson@local400.org.