Sign the Petition: Tell Giant & Safeway to Extend Hazard Pay

Petition to Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize & Vivek Sankaran, CEO of Albertsons

Our members working in Giant & Safeway grocery stores have heroically served on the frontlines throughout this crisis.

But despite the fact that these workers continue to face danger every day, Giant & Safeway want to cancel their hazard pay. On top of that, both companies are loosening safety measures intended to save lives, such as restricting the number of customers in stores. This is completely unacceptable.

So long as there is a hazard, there should be hazard pay. And the hazard is still very real right now. With no vaccine in sight, Giant & Safeway workers will continue to put their lives at risk by coming to work.

Unlike most other businesses, Giant & Safeway are making more than ever right now. The grocery business is one of the few industries that is not shut down but is actually thriving during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is simply no excuse to cut pay for workers right now. 

We, the undersigned, call on Giant & Safeway to immediately extend hazard pay indefinitely until the end of this crisis and to continue enforcing strict safety measures, such as restricting the number of customers in stores to allow for social distancing.

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