It’s that time of year! The holiday season is upon us, and no matter how or what you celebrate, we know it often means finding that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Thankfully, the AFL-CIO has put together its annual Union-Made Holiday Gift Guide so you can buy gifts made in America with the union label.

And this year, they’ve expanded the guide! In addition to the usual assortment of delicious union-made food and drinks, toys and games, and more, this year’s guide also has gifts for big spenders. Gifts that you can make at home, with union products! Gifts for those who’d rather have an experience. Find that perfect gift, from stocking stuffers to sports equipment to a unique book or theater performance.

Best of all, you can feel proud knowing your gifts are made by workers who stood together for family-supporting wages and good benefits. Supporting union-made goods will help workers and communities across the country—you are essentially voting “Union Yes” with your wallet.

It’s a big comprehensive guide, and it’s all here, so we hope this will be your one-stop shopping list this holiday season. We’ll make your gift-giving easy, and you can support union members with your hard-earned dollars—it’s a win-win!

And remember: If you’re shipping gifts this year, make sure to use a union carrier like the U.S. Postal Service or UPS.