UFCW Local 400 and UFCW Local 27 members working at Kaiser Permanente rehabilitation services voted overwhelmingly in favor of ratifying their first union contract.

UFCW Local 400 members voted 84–1 and UFCW Local 27 members voted 16–1 for a combined vote of 100–2 in favor of ratifying the collective bargaining agreement. Voting took place electronically on Monday, November 13.

We achieved nearly every single goal we set out to accomplish with this contract. Download the contract highlight sheet to review the details.

The agreement includes:

  • Average 13% pay increases plus a 2% bonus over a 23 month agreement
  • Dedicated patient management time for all therapists
  • No changes in health, welfare, or retiree benefits for the life of the contract
  • A contract expiration date that lines us up with national Alliance bargaining in 2025

This first-ever contract would not have been possible without the unity of our members. After months of stalled negotiations, amid a nationwide strike by the Coalition of Unions at Kaiser Permanente, our members voted to authorize a strike in October and forced management to settle the contract.

The 23-month agreement expires on September 30, 2025, which will align with national Alliance of Healthcare Unions bargaining and greatly increase our leverage in future negotiations.

We would like to thank the members of our bargaining committee for your leadership in making this contract possible:

  • Brooke Bergman, UFCW Local 400
  • Mara Levy, UFCW Local 400
  • Michelle Jackson, UFCW Local 400
  • Nicole Zazueta, UFCW Local 400
  • Zuleima Chism, UFCW Local 400
  • Mai Ling Malloy, UFCW Local 27
  • Simeon Mellinger, UFCW Local 27

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the new contract.

Contract Highlight Sheet

Download the contract highlight sheet to review the details.