Giant and Safeway are not taking us seriously. With a little more than 24 hours to go before expiration, their proposals are far from what is needed to reward the hard work and sacrifices we have made over the last four years.

Our current contract expires on Saturday, October 28. If we do not have a deal by then, we will not agree to an extension and we will be working without a contract beginning Sunday. Download our FAQ on working without a contract.

If Giant and Safeway do not start taking us seriously, we will be holding strike authorization votes at both companies next week. If it comes to that, we are calling on every member to vote YES to authorize a strike.

We went to work every day during the height of the COVID pandemic, putting ourselves and our families at risk to keep our customers fed and our employers profitable. And now we go to work with the constant threat of violent customers, shoplifters, and even mass shooters coming into our stores and threatening our safety and our lives. Despite all of this, Giant and Safeway are proposing raises that don’t keep up with the rising cost of living or match their profits, much less recognize what we have done for them over the last four years. They are not taking us seriously, and we must show them we are willing to go on strike to get the contract we deserve.

Our goal remains to get a fair agreement that we can recommend by the expiration of our current contract, but if we do not, be ready to act and stay on the lookout for a message outlining our next steps.

Know Your Rights: Working Without A Contract

Read our FAQ to learn more about your rights when working without a contract.