Contract Bargaining Update from UFCW Local 400 & UFCW Local 27:

After several days of in-person meetings with Kaiser’s management team over the last two months, we remain frustrated with the lack of progress toward reaching a tentative agreement that we can recommend for ratification.

Earlier this year we filed several unfair labor practice charges against Kaiser and had to get the leadership of our national organization, the Alliance of Healthcare Unions, involved to get Kaiser management to agree to in-person meeting dates and to begin discussing economic issues. As we approach a full year since bargaining began, we are optimistic that we can reach an agreement and, at the same time, believe Kaiser management can do better.

The last two months we have discussed a range of important economic issues, including wages, health and welfare, retirement benefits, scheduling, and patient management time. While many of the discussions have been productive, Kaiser management continues to make proposals that do not  bring us closer to an agreement. We have let them know that if we do not start to see some real movement on the issues that are important to us we will be ready to take action both locally and through our allies within Kaiser Mid-Atlantic and around the country.

We are proud to serve as your bargaining committee, and while we cannot share specific details of proposals, we are available to discuss anything you are concerned about when you see us in clinic or if you want to reach out to us. We remain united in our goal of getting the fair collective bargaining agreement we deserve and we are ready to do whatever it takes to get it done.

We are scheduled to meet with management for several more days in person in August and will keep you updated as things progress.