It’s been more than two years since our Shoppers union contract expired. While we have been pushing UNFI to negotiate a new deal, the company has responded by dragging their feet and delaying us at every opportunity. As a result, many of us have gone without a raise for more than a year!

On top of that, now UNFI is putting your health care and retirement benefits in jeopardy. The company is refusing to fully fund these benefits, and that could result in the health fund being unable to pay claims.

We cannot let that happen to ourselves or our families. We have earned these benefits, we rely on them, and we cannot let UNFI put them at risk through their greed.

Join us for a rally to demand a contract that includes the raises we are owed and saves our benefits!


WHAT: Protest to save benefits at Shoppers
WHEN: 4:45 p.m., Wednesday, July 20, 2022
WHERE: Shoppers – Largo, 806 Largo Center Dr, Largo, MD 20774