1. Kaiser Permanente is thriving financially and would rank #34 on the Fortune 500 list of companies — ahead of Disney, Nike and Lockheed Martin.
  2. In 2020, Kaiser Permanente made   $2.2 BILLION in operating profit, while frontline workers fought a daily life or death struggle and the country faced an historic economic crisis. KP profits break down to $4,185.60 every Minute, $251,136 every Hour, $6,027,264 ($6 million) every Day.
  3. KP made $6.8 Billion in operating profits from 2018 to 2020. That doesn’t even include the billions  KP made from investments.
  4. KP has amassed a fortune —  $44.5 BILLION — in cash reserves. Kaiser Permanente has enough savings to  run its entire operation in all eight regions nearly 200 days with $0 income coming in. How many of us could live 200 days solely on our savings account?
  5. KP’s primary source of income, membership, is only growing. Over the past three years, KP grew by 591,000 members and patients. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, KP gained an additional 129,000 members and patients. And membership continues to grow, resulting in a profitable Q2 for 2021, and adding even more funds to KP’s already robust reserves.

KP continues its narrative of competitors threatening to overtake a health care giant with pop-up clinics and expanding virtual care. KP has fixated on insulting annual wage increases of 1%, and a second wage scale that would drastically reduce — forever — the pay of Alliance employees who are hired starting in January 2023.

There is no doubt KP is financially strong. It’s equally true that KP’s success is because of the work we do every day. For our sacrifices, commitment, and dedication, we deserve more than 1%.

Stay UNITED for each other, and for Best Jobs and the Best Care.