After months of dragging their feet in negotiations, thanks to your actions, signing and delivering petitions to management in the stores, we finally have bargaining dates and will be back at the table with Shoppers/UNFI the week of July 12.

With the news that UNFI no longer plans to sell our Shoppers stores, we expect them to come to the table ready to make progress toward a new agreement that rewards your hard work and sacrifice. They chose to keep Shoppers because it is profitable thanks to our hard work.

We have rightly been called essential and heroes for our sacrifices over the last 16 months and it is time for UNFI to treat us that way by agreeing to a fair contract that includes the raises we have been waiting for, retroactive to the expiration of our contract, along with the reinstatement of our COVID leave.

Be on the lookout for more updates and we will continue to keep you updated every step of the way.