Local 400 members working at Elizabeth Adam Crump Health and Rehabilitation, and Elizabeth House Assisted Living — located in Glen Allen, VA and owned by Trio Healthcare —unanimously ratified a new three-year collective bargaining agreement.

Since March 2020, elder care and skilled nursing centers have been at the center of the COVID pandemic and these two facilities were no exception. Nearly half of the Local 400 members working on the health care front lines at Elizabeth Adam Crump and Elizabeth House have contracted COVID-19. But despite the harsh impact of the pandemic on these courageous first responders and the need for many to be on leave while recovering, they continued to care for and serve their residents with great compassion and devotion. And while both facilities were hurt financially during the pandemic, their heroic employees were able to bargain a fair contract.

Key provisions of the collective bargaining agreement include:

  • Larger wage increases than in previous contracts.
  • Even higher increases in start rates as the Virginia Minimum Wage rises.
  • An option to rebargain for higher wages in year three of the contract if the facilities gain more residents.
  • Longevity bonuses of up to $1,500.
  • Expanded funeral leave.
  • Broadened and stronger nondiscrimination language.
  • Maintained health and welfare benefits.
  • A pandemic and other emergencies side letter providing for appropriate safeguards and working conditions in case of a future outbreak comparable to COVID.

“Words cannot do justice to the admiration and respect I have for the heroism of our members at Elizabeth Adam Crump and Elizabeth House,” said Local 400 President Mark P. Federici. “They endured the worst of the COVID pandemic and many suffered greatly, yet they never missed a beat in their dedication to the residents they care for. Their new contract will help lift them up as we emerge from the pandemic and we will keep fighting to ensure that our essential frontline workers receive the pay, benefits and working conditions they deserve.”