As healthcare workers struggle to heal from the physical and mental health effects of COVID, KP executives say our wages are too high.

While we fought a desperate, life and death struggle on the frontlines of the pandemic, KP leaders —  without labor involvement — set a new much lower target for employee wages, and told us our members’ wages are too high.

Our unique Labor Management Partnership model is what makes KP the industry leader.

For 24 years, in written agreements signed as recently as 2018, KP and the Alliance have been committed to this vision: the best care and the best jobs.

By abandoning the partnership commitment to best jobs and best care, KP is breaking our partnership agreements. We’re calling on KP to return to partnership.

As the Alliance of Health Care Unions, we will fight to  preserve partnership. We will fight for the best jobs and  the best care. We are working through UBTs, facility and regional councils, and every day to help meet the changing consumer needs, changing technology, and new care models. But our longstanding, joint agreement to keeping KP the best place to work is a foundational part of our Labor Management Partnership — and it is NOT negotiable.

Take action today to keep the promise of the partnership equation of Best Jobs and Best Care