An important message from UFCW Local 400 President Mark Federici:

Here is the bottom line: we are in a huge election year where we will cast our ballots for President and Congressional Representatives. This election will set the tone for not just the next few years, but for generations to come, and your vote will make the difference.

We hold the power to change the ways in which lawmakers make policies, and we have an incredible opportunity to not only make our voices heard, but to ensure that what is heard gets done. We must elect pro- working family candidates because there is so much at stake for us.

  • Raising wages is at stake. For millions of workers, wages are stagnant, and working families’ bank accounts are dwindling while corporate profits and salaries of CEOs soar. Workers are struggling to make ends meet, put food on the table, and support their families, and yet are forced to give up quality family time in order to work two to three jobs just to keep their heads above water. We need pro-working family allies who will take bold action to make sure the economy works for everyone.
  • Worker protections are at stake. Over the past four years, rules designed to protect us on the job have been slashed. Workplace health and safety regulations have been cut. The COVID-19 pandemic showed the nation first-hand that essential workers like you are the backbone of this country. This election we have the opportunity to make real change in workplace safety standards, workers’ compensation, paid family and medical leave, fair scheduling, retirement security and a whole host of protections working people deserve.
  • The freedom to join together is at stake. As union members, we understand the power of the benefits and livelihood that a union contract can provide. Yet the freedom to form a union and have a voice on the job has been chipped away and collective bargaining rights are under threat for millions of Americans. But this year, we can elect champions for working families who can pass the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and ensure our rights are secured for years to come.

How you vote is a personal decision, but I hope you’ll join me this election in supporting our recommended candidates, as they are the best choice for working families this November. Below is our 2020 Virginia voting guide. We strongly recommend that you consider voting for these pro-working family candidates.

Whether you vote early, vote by mail, or wait in line on election day November 3rd, the most important thing is that you vote. As part of our union family, your voice matters and your opinion matters.

Please do not let this election pass you by in silence. Make a plan and VOTE! You are more powerful than you think!


UFCW Local 400 Voter Guide

Listed below are the candidates UFCW Local 400 recommends you vote for this election. They were recommended only after an exhaustive process of getting to know them, analyzing their records, reviewing their positions on issues impacting our members’ lives, and participating in state AFL-CIO meetings. Please note that for districts not listed, UFCW Local 400 has made no recommendation.

President Joseph R. Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris
U.S. Senate Mark Warner


U.S. House of Representatives:
Congressional District 1 Qasim Rashid
Congressional District 2 Elaine Luria
Congressional District 3 Bobby Scott
Congressional District 4 Donald McEachin
Congressional District 5 Cameron Webb
Congressional District 7 Abagail Spanberger
Congressional District 8 Don Beyer
Congressional District 10 Jennifer Wexton
Congressional District 11 Gerry Connolly