We have held several sessions over Zoom to negotiate our next West Virginia contract at Kroger. With all negotiations taking place remotely with the assistance of a federal mediator, talks are proceeding slowly and we’re making progress, but don’t anticipate that we will have a full agreement we can recommend by Saturday.

While negotiations continue, Kroger has agreed to extend the current contract until midnight September 26, 2020. The extension can be canceled with 72 hours’ notice by either party. All of the protections and benefits of your current union contract remain in effect.

We are never happy with an extension, but as always, we are not going to be rushed into a bad deal. We would rather get a fair contract slowly, than quickly finalize something that doesn’t meet our goals.

We are still at the negotiating table today and will continue to push for an agreement that gives us:

  • Wages we can live on
  • Schedules we can depend on
  • Healthcare we can afford
  • Retirement we can count on

As negotiations move forward, we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Sign up for text alerts and never miss an update.