Eighteen members of the Virginia General Assembly signed letters to Giant & Safeway calling on both companies to reinstate hazard pay for workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

The letters, organized by Delegate Hala Alaya (House District 51), explained the lawmakers know “the danger to your employees on the front lines continues to exist” and both companies “continues to make millions in profits from the hard work these heroes continue to do every day.”

With workers still in danger, the General Assembly members called on both companies to “compensate them for the additional risk they are taking” and immediately reinstate hazard pay until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

The full Giant letter can be read here and the full Safeway letter can be read here. The following lawmakers signed the letters:

Del. Hala Ayala
House District 51

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy
House District 2

Del. Lee Carter
House District 50

Del. Gwendolyn Gooditis
House District 10

Del. Elizabeth Guzman
House District 31

Del. Daniel Helmer
House District 40

Del. Patrick Hope
House District 47

Del. Sally Hudson
House District 57

Del. Jerrauld Jones
House District 89

Del. Kaye Kory
House District 38

Del. Paul Krizek
House District 44

Del. Mark Levine
House District 45

Del. Alfonso Lopez
House District 49

Del. Kathleen Murphy
House District 34

Del. Kenneth Plum
House District 36

Del. Danica Roem
House District 13

Del. Ibrahim Samirah
House District 86

Del. Mark Sickles
House District 43