Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many UFCW Local 400-represented employers provided increased pay to essential employees.

Last week, we launched a petition demanding that Lipton increase pay. Nearly 200 people signed. Today, we can report that our efforts are beginning to show results.

Beginning April 19th, Lipton will pay a $100 weekly bonus to everyone with perfect attendance. For the first week, perfect attendance will be confirmed on April 27th and eligible employees will be paid on April 30th. The perfect attendance bonus will run for three weeks. 

To be clear, we do not believe tying extra pay to attendance is the right approach, nor is $100 enough for the sacrifice you are making during this pandemic. This is a start, and we will continue to push for enhanced pay, paid time off, and safety measures.

If you are a member with a COVID-19 concern in your workplace, please report it to us. Help us keep track of the problems you are facing so we can better work with employers to address them. Please report your concerns on our website here.

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