We are approaching the expiration date of our current contracts at Giant & Safeway on Saturday, October 26 and talks have been very difficult.

Given the unusual complexity of our negotiations, particularly around securing our pension benefits, we have called in a federal mediator to help us reach an agreement. Mediators do not make decisions about what a final agreement will look like, but they can help move the process forward toward a new contract.

Our goals remain the same:

    • Wages we can live on
    • Schedules we can depend on
    • Healthcare we can afford
    • Retirement we can count on

While our intention is to reach a fair contract before our current contract expires, we will not be rushed into a bad deal. We’d rather get this slowly right than quickly wrong.

In the meantime, we must keep the pressure on both companies. We will not get a fair deal if it’s not clear to Giant & Safeway that our members will do whatever it takes to fight for a fair contract.