UFCW members can start learning Spanish, French, German, English, and/or Mandarin today.

To get started, please visit www.ufcw.org/language to fill out an inquiry form.

It may take a few days to verify your UFCW membership.  However, once confirmed, you will receive an email that explains how to login to and begin taking free foreign language classes.

As a member of UFCW, you can use this benefit to learn a foreign language for free online and at your own pace. All lessons are self-guided.

Visit ufcw.org/language to get started today!

Thank you for being a member of the UFCW union family.  We are proud to offer you this free foreign language benefit and we hope you enjoy it.

At this time, this benefit is only available to UFCW members and retirees.