Wear Your Union Button, Hat, and Jersey on Saturday, October 7

Today we were forced to file unfair labor practice charges with the federal government after Kroger informed us that they will be asking employees to remove their union jerseys tomorrow on Jersey Day. While we believe this is a clear violation of labor law, it is very important that everyone still wear their jersey tomorrow, but remove it if requested by their supervisor.

Take notes on who talks to you and when and get that information to your shop steward or union representative. We will be filing more charges, and we believe that Kroger’s actions are illegal, but as always, we are not encouraging you to refuse to do something when directed. Please comply if your supervisor asks you to remove your jersey.

With our contract set to expire tomorrow, we do not want to be arguing with Kroger about our right to show our support for our union on Jersey Day. We want to be discussing the important issues that will impact our lives over the next several years under this contract.

As talks continue through tomorrow, we are continuing to work hard for the fair contract we deserve, but we will not be rushed into a bad deal. We need to continue to show Kroger that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get a fair deal by participating in actions and activities and showing our support by wearing our union buttons, hats, and jerseys every chance we get. We will continue to keep you updated every step of the way.


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