Contract Negotiations Update #2: October 7, 2016

This week, we met with representatives from Safeway and Giant for three days to negotiate our next contract. The meetings so far have focused on securing our retirement, but we also exchanged initial proposals and began discussing other issues we need addressed in order to secure fair wages, affordable healthcare, and adequate staffing.

We have yet to reach any agreements on our new contract. Our goal is to reach the best deal possible, not to rush to finish and end up with a bad agreement. We have a full week of bargaining scheduled for next week and we will continue to keep you updated every step of the way.

Together, we have already conclusively demonstrated that Safeway and Giant routinely violate our contract by not posting our schedules on time on Fridays. We will continue to file grievances on every scheduling violation and push for real penalties for violations in our next contract.

This weekend, we will be out in front of stores across the region to let customers know we are negotiating a new contract and to ask for their support. Please join us if you see us outside your store or contact your shop steward or union representative if you want to get more involved. We all need to stick together so we can get the fair contract we deserve.

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