Local 400 members reported scheduling violations at 46 Giant Food & Safeway stores in a single day.

Local 400 members reported scheduling violations at 46 Giant Food & Safeway stores in a single day.

We all know how hectic life can get. Between work, family, and other obligations, your time is precious. That’s why our union contract requires store managers to post the schedule by 1:00 p.m. every Friday – so you can have time to plan your life.

But all too often, store managers at Giant Food and Safeway supermarkets do not post the schedule on time, or they make changes to the schedule without informing every employee individually. This not only makes it harder for you to plan your week, but it is a serious violation of our union contract.

Last week, on Friday, September 23, we decided to find out how many store managers violate our union contract when creating a schedule for the week. Thanks to members like you calling our hotline, we discovered 46 stores with schedule violations in a single day.

We will be filing grievances to make sure every reported violation is addressed. In addition, as part of our ongoing contract negotiations, we are proposing real penalties when managers do not post the schedule on time.

Report Scheduling Violations: 301-577-2368

Please continue to report scheduling violations each week by calling our hotline at 301-577-2368.

Violations include:

  • schedule is not posted by 1:00 p.m. on Friday
  • the schedule is changed after posting without informing all affected employees individually (the manager leaving a note at the time clock or telling all employees to check the schedule for changes is not enough)

Know Your Contract

The following clause can be found in the Giant Food & Safeway union contracts regarding scheduling:

6.18 The schedule for all full time employees showing the starting and finishing time and regular days off shall not be altered after it is posted, except by mutual agreement. Each full time employee shall regularly receive the same day off each week. A seven (7) day written notice must be given in order for a full time employee’s regularly scheduled day off to be changed except for holiday weeks. In the week following the holiday week, the regular schedule shall apply pertaining to days off. In the Meat Department, the scheduling of nights (past 6:00 p.m.) and Saturday night for full time employees shall be done on a rotating basis as nearly equal as practical. The schedule for a part time employee may be changed by notification to the employee prior to store closing the previous day. A part time schedule shall be complete and reflect the anticipated basic need for the store’s requirements for that week.

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