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Local 400 President Receives NAACP Labor Service Award

The Maryland State Conference NAACP recently honored Local 400 President Mark Federici with the Labor Service Award.

“I am deeply humbled by this award,” said Mark Federici. “Our union family is proud to stand with the NAACP and we are privileged to partner with many of its chapters throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our partnership helps to build a stronger community to fight for a better life for working people.”

The recognition was presented at the organization’s 78th Annual Convention in October. To learn more about the Maryland State Conference NAACP, visit www.naacpmd.com

NAACP Calls On Trio Healthcare to Restore MLK Day Holiday, Negotiate Fair Contract

Members of Local 400 serving on the union bargaining committee pose for a picture with union staff and leaders of the NAACP in the Greater Richmond area.

On Sunday, leaders representing thousands of NAACP members in the Greater Richmond area delivered a letter calling on Trio Healthcare to negotiate a fair contract with Local 400 members working at Elizabeth Adam Crump Health and Rehab center in Richmond, Virginia.

The NAACP condemned the company for attempting to take away the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, stating:

“We are sure we do not have to share with you how important the King holiday is or how long our community had to fight to win the right to recognize his work. It was not until the year 2000 that Virginia created a separate holiday for Dr. King. We are living in divisive times, and having time to reflect on Dr. King’s life and legacy is more important than ever.”

The NAACP called on Trio Healthcare to restore the holiday and negotiate a fair contract which “rewards hard work, maintains company profitability and ensures quality patient care.”

The NAACP is the latest in a growing list of community organizations who support our efforts to negotiate a fair contract. By not only standing together as coworkers, but uniting as a greater community, we can win the fair deal that we deserve.

The full letter is pictured below.