“Did You Know!?” is a series originally dedicated to informing Kroger Richmond/Tidewater members of their rights at work, but many of these tips apply to all Local 400 members!

Tip #1: You Can Get More Hours

Did you know you can have your store manager fix the schedule to be based on seniority?!
According to Article 9.1 of your contract, “the hours and work for each employee shall be scheduled by the Employer with the most hours on the basis of seniority providing the employee is qualified to perform the work and is available.” If you did not receive the hours you deserve: Please see your shop steward or call your Local 400 staff representative.

Tip #2: Your Weingarten Rights
If called into a meeting with management that could in any way lead to you being disciplined or terminated, immediately and respectfully inform management that you request your Shop Steward or Union Representative arrives state to management that you choose not to participate in the meeting until your representation is present.

 Tip #3: You can stay your entire scheduled shift (no matter what your manager says!)
Did you know you do not have to clock out and leave in the middle of your scheduled shift even if your manager asks you to?! If you were scheduled to work, you are entitled to stay and get paid for all of the hours in your scheduled shift, regardless of how many hours worked so far that week.