nametagroseslogocollageWith the current contract remaining in full force until midnight, September 6th, members have become increasingly active throughout the stores and some are planning on taking advantage of the extra time.

“I’m using this extension as an opportunity to see how many people I can sign up before the new deadline,” said bargaining committee member, Cheryl Brown.

Members have been doing a great job inside the stores rallying their coworkers to be #KrogerStrong, but it’s time to take the messaging up a notch.

RAISES OVER ROSES! The message is simple: “You deserve more than just a rose merit sticker for your excellent customer service—you deserve a raise!”

Solidarity = Power at the bargaining table! Wear your buttons and stickers everyday!!!

It’s time to prove to Kroger management that we’re serious! Show them how serious, by wearing this dollar sign sticker over roses on your nametags. See your shop steward to join the fight!