unnamed-7Congratulations Deni Taveras!

First-time candidate Deni Taveras won the Democratic primary for the Prince George’s County Council District 2 seat Monday, defeating state Del. Doyle Niemann by a scant six votes. Taveras lagged behind Niemann when early voting and election-day ballots were counted, but she edged ahead based on absentee and provisional ballots. Her energetic grass-roots campaign focused on outreach to newly registered voters — particularly Latinos. “I’m somebody that nobody knew 10 months ago,” Taveras told The Washington Post. “I reached out and made connections with everyone in a very intimate and integral way.”

Also declared a winner in his election for the District 5 seat in Montgomery County Council was Local 400’s recommended candidate, Tom Hucker, when his opponent, Evan Glass, conceded in their narrow race.