After a decade of frozen salaries, D.C. and states across the country are taking initiative, and pulling working families out of poverty by raising wages. However, the laws only benefit constituents, when the community is part of putting them into practice and when the public is educated of their rights as workers!

This morning, Local 400 joined by D.C. area allies held a press conference at Flava @ Wa-zo-bia Restaurant to celebrate the first increase in the minimum increase and the District’s paid sick days law expansion! After the press conference supporters canvassed local businesses and restaurants to inform workers, business owners and customers of the new laws!

“Today is a day to celebrate the work we accomplished together, the power that we can have together, and that is something we can all be proud of,” said Rev. Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ.

These laws will allow more D.C. residents to meet basic needs, address rising inequality in the city, and help boost the local economy. When the District’s working families earn enough money to cover the basics, it helps the whole D.C. economy. Right now, a mom or dad working full-time at a minimum wage job in the District earns $17,160 a year—which is below poverty for a family of three. Making such low wages, combined with the risk of losing wages or even their job when they’re sick, means many have to rely on public assistance to keep their families afloat. Check your pay stubs!!!!

Minimum Wage Increases:

July 1, 2014—$9.50
July 1, 2015—$10.50
July 1, 2014—$11.50
*wages will continue to rise with inflation

Paid Sick Days Access:

The new paid sick days law allows D.C. workers to earn paid leave from work when:
– you or your family members are sick or have a medical appointment
– you need to receive services related to domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault
*In effect now! You start earning sick leave on your first day on the job. Depending on how many people work for your employer, you can earn between 3 and 7 paid sick days.

Think you have been denied paid sick days or Proper Pay? Email: