TODAY Vote to Reject the Resolution and Save La Plata!savelp
Local 400 has joined with the organization Save La Plata to bring awareness to the big box take over that’s trickling in all over the Maryland suburbs.
Big box corporations and wealthy developers are trying to take over La Plata. Despite resident opposition, they want to put a giant big box store in the middle of the town, bringing increased traffic and crime, and destroying businesses. La Plata is a small town, and we know the residents prefer it that way. We want to preserve it, along side our allies Save La Plata, and not to turn it into another cookie-cutter suburb of Washington, DC.
Luckily the decision is in La Plata residents hands…
April 9th Vote to Reject the Resolution and Save La Plata!
VOTE 12p.m.-8p.m.
La Plata Town Hall
305 Queen Anne St.