imagesThis is a crucial week for the campaign to raise the minimum wage in Maryland. Monday, the House Economic Matters Committee gave initial approval to a bill Local 400 and our allies strongly support which would raise the minimum wage in the state of Maryland to $10.10 an hour. Even though the committee did make some changes, it would still raise the wage to $10.10 in increments between now and January 1, 2017.
This is a great first step and a big thanks to everyone who has taken action so far! But our work is not over yet! Please e-mail your State legislators that now is the time for Maryland General Assembly to raise the wage and join the 21 other states and the District of Columbia that have already set their wage above the federal rate. The House could start debating the bill TONIGHT! Click to email your elected official now!

Opponents have introduced amendments to create an unprecedented two-tier minimum wage system that would:
discriminate against rural workers by paying them less than workers in center Maryland ($8.20 versus $10.10)
strip indexing
permanently freeze the tipped wage at $3.63 an hour.
We need every Local 400 Maryland member to tell their legislators that these types of amendments are unacceptable before they start to debate the bill TONIGHT. Click to send an e-mail letter now!

Thank you for your support and leadership in raising the minimum wage for Maryland!

If you want to become more involved in the fight to raise the minimum wage please click here.