February 24, 2014

Vincent Orange

D.C. Council member Vincent Orange speaking at a minimum wage rally outside the Wilson building. photo by Karlyn Williams.

Contact: Vincent Orange

A Fighter For D.C.’s Working Families

(Washington, DC) Today, Mark Federici, President UFCW Local 400, announced their endorsement of At-Large Council Member Vincent Orange in the Democratic primary to be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia. Mr. Federici stated “Council Member Orange is a fighter for D.C.’s working families with a high-road economic development strategy based on lifting our people and neighborhoods up, rather than sending us on a race to the bottom through poverty jobs”.

“Moreover, his leadership in support of the Large Retailer Accountability Act and an $11.50 per-hour minimum wage has more than earned our enthusiastic recommendation. Unlike Mayor Vincent Gray and Council Member Muriel Bowser, Vincent Orange stood with Washington workers rather than an Arkansas-based behemoth. We need a mayor who values the well-being of D.C. residents more than the money of multi-billion dollar multinational corporations.”

Vincent Orange authored and introduced the Minimum Wage Act of 2013 which passed the DC Council unanimously establishing a minimum wage of $11.50 per hour by 2016 with annual increases for the cost of living thereafter. Vincent Orange fought and secured a living wage for employees of District contractors in 2006, and secured an increase to $13.40 per hour in 2014. He secured five days of sick leave, with pay, at the minimum wage rate for tipped wage employees. Orange also championed District employees being paid in 2013 for furlough days due to an erroneous deficit projection.

“I am elated to receive the endorsement of UFCW Local 400 and to assist over 64,000 District workers in receiving better hourly wages, minimum wages, living wages, sick leave with pay, and furlough pay. These achievements make public service gratifying” said Mayoral candidate Vincent Orange.

“District of Columbia voters who want the nation’s capital to be a city where wages are rising, inequality is sinking and poverty is plummeting should join us in electing Vincent Orange our next mayor” said Mark Federici.