Thursday, the Giant and Safeway bargaining committee got together after being at bargaining on the day before and decided since the companies weren’t listening to the needs of the workers they would find another way to make sure the companies would “know what we want” by taking the message into the stores.

After about an hour practice to learn the moves and the song lyrics, which were written by UFCW Local 400 member Carla Lee, from Safeway #1579. the group was ready to visit two stores; both Giants, one in Largo, Md. and one in Bowie, Md.

“At the Largo store we started to march in clapping and customers and members working at the registers were shocked,” said Sharon Glaser from Safeway #1956.  “One member even joined us and starting dancing!”

At the Bowie store, the group performed both inside and outside in the parking lot.

“We hope doing these actions inside the stores and having the video up on our Facebook and website will mobilize fellow members to come to the meetings on Wednesday,” said Michele Hepner from Giant #243.  “It’s imperative that everyone attend, we have to show the companies that we’re serious and that we know what we want!”


We hope all Giant and Safeway members come out to the contract meetings!
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