Victory for Bestway Falls Church, Va Workers! Photo by Karlyn Williams.

Victory for Bestway Falls Church, Va Workers! Photo by Karlyn Williams.

This morning, the workers at the Falls Church, Va. Bestway celebrated as their employer recognized UFCW Local 400 as their union during a card check at the store.  After over a week of being illegally fired, all workers who were terminated received back pay under an agreement reached last Friday. Bargaining between UFCW Local 400 and Bestway for a contract is scheduled to begin this week.

The workers first staged a one-hour work stoppage October 9 to protest the Bestway’s unfair labor practices, which included cutting hours, changing schedules, and holding one-on-one interrogation meetings because the workers were seeking union recognition. In response, Bestway illegally fired all workers who participated in the action.
While these actions are clearly illegal under federal labor law, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was unavailable to help because the federal government was shut down.

The workers immediately formed a picket line and launched an active boycott and publicity campaign, including staging a demonstration at the NLRB.

Business was down noticeably–as the workers struck 12 hours daily, the parking lots remained empty.

By sticking together Bestway workers made it happen! Bestway of Falls Church joins the other Bestway members at the Silver Spring, Md. location who are also unionized.

Bestway Workers

Matilde Reyes, Bestway employee for 13 years.

“We look forward to the day when all Bestway Supermercados are union shops. Thank you to the community for supporting our efforts and standing up for workers rights!”-Matilde Reyes, Bestway employee.


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