bestwayladiesWednesday morning, 30 Bestway workers in Falls Church, Va. organized a one-hour work stoppage from 9a.m.-10a.m in response to management’s refusal to recognize their union and ongoing harassment. Bestway has retaliated against employees by cutting hours, changing schedules, one-on-one interrogation meetings, and threatening to call ICE on the  Latin American staff.

At 9:00a.m., workers gathered outside of the store clad in their UFCW gold and were promptly met by police who told them the Bestway manager had called the property manager of the shopping center and they could no longer be on the property, that it was now considered trespassing.

Forced to move on the sidewalk that runs parallel to Graham Road the workers collectively came up with a plan.

BestwayfellasFirst, three workers went in to the store requesting that the manager come outside and talk, but instead the manager took one of the worker’s gold union shirts that was draped around his neck and tossed it in the trash. The manager then refused to come outside and talk with them.  Twenty minutes later, two more workers went inside requesting the same thing to no avail.

Collectively the 30 workers marched toward the store in a single-file line to deliver letters to the manger saying they want the retaliation to stop, the schedules and hours to return to normal, and for their union to be recognized.

After more than two weeks of the unbearable work conditions, 20+ employees were illegally fired of work after staging their concerted union activity today. Workers have vowed to remain on an unfair labor practice strike until Bestway management ends all retaliation, reinstates all employees, and recognizes their union. For more photos of Wednesday’s action visit our Flickr page! 

Join UFCW Local 400 along with community allies for a rally/press conference in support for illegally fired Bestway workers!


WHEN: Friday, October 11 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Bestway Supermercado
3109 Graham Rd.
Falls Church, VA