The calls on Mayor Gray to sign the Large Retailer Accountability Act are growing louder and stronger. Thousands have signed petitions, made phone calls, and sent emails to his office calling on him to do the right thing and stand with D.C. residents, not wealthy, out-of-town corporations. If you haven’t yet, click here to email him now and call him at 1-888-264-6154.

With wealthy corporations pouring money into D.C. in an attempt to stop this bill and continue paying poverty wages, we need to do more than call and email. We need to get out in the street and spread the word. That is why we are starting a canvass this week to make sure everyone in D.C. knows about this bill and what it will do to lift thousands of D.C. families out of poverty.

Click here to sign up now to join the canvass.

The bill has yet to arrive on the Mayor’s desk, and he has said that he will not make a decision until it does. The corporate interests opposed to this bill are doing everything they can to make this decision for us. They have made threats and launched an all out campaign to take away our self-determination and keep more money in their own pockets.

Click here to sign up to let Mayor Gray know that D.C. residents still want to see the largest, wealthiest corporations in the world pay a living wage. Join the canvass; sign up now! Together we can overcome the corporate push to stop this bill and create a D.C. where everyone can afford to live and work.