July 10th was a historic day for D.C. as the council stood strong against Walmart’s bullying and threats and voted 8-5 to ensure that big box retail jobs will be good jobs for D.C. workers. Every retailer with over $1 billion in revenue and stores over 75,000 square feet will have to pay a living wage of $12.50 to their D.C. employees. This will lift thousands out of poverty, and make sure the profits from the big box boom will be shared with D.C. workers. Now, the fate of this bill is in the hands of Mayor Vince Gray.

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The D.C. Council showed it would not be bullied and intimidated by Walmart’s attempt at political blackmail. Eight city council members, Phil Mendelson, Vincent Orange, David Grosso, Anita Bonds, Jim Graham, Jack Evans, Kenyan McDuffie, and Marion Barry decided to stay strong against Walmart’s threats and cast their votes in the best interests of their constituents, not in the interests of big business. Will Mayor Gray stand with them, or stand with large, out of town corporations?

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For too long residents have been pushed out of D.C. by a rising cost of living and rapidly rising rents. It’s time for our elected officials to stand up and make sure people who are working in D.C. can afford to take care of themselves and their families in D.C. This bill is a step in that direction, mandating that large retailers, who can best afford to pay, provide a pay fair wage.

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