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Last Friday, labor, political and community groups gathered in support of OUR Walmart members both here in the DMV area as well as those at Walmart’s annual shareholder meeting in Bentonville, Ark. Despite the torrential downpour, the groups, made up of UFCW Local 400, DC Jobs with Justice, Respect DC, Our DC, Ward 4 Thrives, Raise Maryland, DC Labor, Working Families Party and Democratic Socialist of America, headed to the Bowie, Md. Walmart store. Once inside, a chant rang out, “Who’s Walmart? Our Walmart!” “It was amazing and powerful to join with so many community supporters from around the region to show our support for Walmart associates who are standing up against retaliation and for respect and fair pay,” said Dyana Forester of Jobs with Justice.  “We need to continue to show these associates that we appreciate their hard work and have their backs and send a clear message to Walmart that we won’t let them illegally retaliate.” Once the chant ceased, Mike Wilson from the community group Respect DC led acall-and-response “mic check” saying “We are here today – to call on Walmart – to end retaliation against its associates – to thank associates for their hard work – and to support associates – on strike to protest – the illegal retaliation they have faced – for organizing for respect  – Thank you associates!” Following the mic check, the group of 40 or more paraded up and down aisles inside the store chanting, “We got your back,” and “We are proud of you” with bucket drums, megaphones, whistles and thank you cards in hand. “We want Walmart to behave itself and act like a decent, honorable corporate citizen,” added Anne Healey, Maryland State Delegate. “To pay a decent living wage to all their workers and to be a participant and supporter of the community in which they’re located.” To watch the action unfold be sure to check out the quick video here!