During the first week of June, Walmart workers from across the country, and around the globe, will converge on Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas for the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting.

In October 2012, Striking Walmart workers came from around the country to Walmart’s headquarters in Arkansas. On top of all flashmobs, protests and confronting executives, they announced that if Walmart doesn’t stop its attempts to intimidate workers, the company will see the biggest disruptions yet on Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year! Photo courtesy of Making Change at Walmart.

We have stood with these workers, members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), who are fighting for change from within the compnay, and they have stood in solidarity with us as we fight to hold Walmart accountable as they enter DC.

On Wednesday, May 29th at 8am at Florida Avenue Baptist Church, 623 Florida Ave NW, we have the chance to send OUR Walmart members from the DMV off to Bentonville with a prayer breakfast/pep rally! We will provide the food, coffee, entertainment, and (OUR Walmart green) pom poms. Just bring yourself, your friends, and a lot of early morning energy! RSVP here!

These workers are standing up to the biggest, and one of the richest, employers in the world. They will be traveling in a caravan from DC, joined by workers from Boston, heading first to Atlanta, and then following the route of the Freedom Riders, picking up more of their fellow associates as they make their way to Bentonville to confront their bosses at the shareholders’ meeting.

We need you there next week to show them that they have our support! RSVP here!

In addition, even if you can’t make it, we are collecting items for a care package for the workers as they make this courageous journey for justice to Bentonville. We are looking for travel size toiletry items (shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), snacks, notes of encouragement, or whatever you want to contribute. Bring items to the event, or email organizer@respectdc.org for how to contribute.